Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the Life in Miniature blogspot.

This is going to be a blog about my life in Nottingham's Miniature Gaming hobby/industry.

Its been 30 years now since I started work, Thursday 30th June 1983, and a generation has passed since then, literally in some cases, so seeing how memory fades, I thought I'd better get all this down whist I can.
I'll cover the companies and individuals I've worked for and with, and hopefully give a little insight into what has gone-on in this little city's Miniature Gaming hobby and associated trades over the last 30 years.

I hope to deal with things in a roughly chronological order, but as I've a few weeks of catching up to do and an important event to talk about on the 8th of November, expect a flurry of activity in the next few weeks, and then a steady drip-drip of stuff only when changes happen.




  1. Looking forward to updates Pete!

  2. Peter, I am loving your blog and will be following it as much as I can. Can I be cheeky and suggest you add the follower gadget to your blog to make it easier for bloggers to follow your posts. If you are not sure how to I did a post that shows you how to add the gadget check it out
    Peace James

  3. Looking forward, good luck!

  4. Hi James, Phil, Lee...
    Thanks for your interest (and tips) I hope that I can live up to the start...
    Please feel free to chip-in or ask questions or contribute in any way you like... :-)